Arhivă pentru sufletul

cuvinte pentru orbi…

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nu sunt misogin si nu cred ca va fi stilul meu vreodata… dar salbaticia mintala a vreunei femei imi aminteste tot timpul de prima parte din eyes wide shut… unde se sublinia cum doar cateva cuvinte iti pot roade sufletul sau schimba viata…

mi s-a intamplat si mie… sa fiu ros de putine cuvinte… cand am primit odata o intrebare retorica „si crezi ca ne-am vedea mai des de o cafea?”…

am cules sa intretin un balans doua ferestre de conversatii despre sexe…


HU: You know why women used to get married, don’t you?

AH: Why don’t you tell me?

HU:It was the only way they could
lose their virginity…
…and be free to do what they
wanted with other men.
The ones they really wanted.

AH: Fascinating.

BH: Anyway, who was the guy
you were dancing with?

AH: A friend of the Zieglers.

BH: What did he want?

AH: What did he want?

AH: Sex…
Then and there.

BH: Is that all?

AH: Yeah, that was all.

BH: Just wanted to fuck my wife.

AH: That’s right.

BH: Well, I guess that’s understandable.

AH: Understandable?

BH: Because you are a very…
…very beautiful woman.

AH: Wait.
Because I’m a beautiful woman…
…the only reason any man
ever wants to talk to me…
…is because he wants to fuck me.
Is that what you’re saying?

BH: Well, I don’t think it’s quite
that black and white…
…but I think we both know
what men are like.

AH: So on that basis…
…I should conclude that you
wanted to fuck those two models.

BH: There are exceptions.

AH: And what makes you an exception?

BH: What makes me an exception is that…
…I happen to be in love with you.
And because we’re married…
…and because I would never
lie to you…
…or hurt you.

AH: Do you realize that
what you’re saying…
…is that the only reason you
wouldn’t fuck those models…
…is out of consideration for me?
Not because you really
wouldn’t want to.