what are you?

if you don’t see me..
if you’re not blind..
if you don’t hear me..
if you’re not deaf..
if you don’t feel me..
if you’re not pain..

then, in your human limits, you are an animal to me…
but you have chance in this world…
to get blind, to be deaf, to feel pain…
that when i’ll pass all over you…
i am the death of you, i am the love…


8 răspunsuri sa “what are you?”

  1. nu e dedicata nimanui si nu sunt nici in ceasul mortii, pur si simplu asa mi-a venit sa scriu cuvant cu cuvant… asa ca nu va speriati 😛

  2. George Sand Says:

    „There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” There is no need to hide, to play, to fear or to defend. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear…;)

  3. I like the general sense of the poem, but you do need to ‘brush up’ your written English.

  4. PS: If you wish, I can suggest some very smal changes! Be my guest!

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