*Friends* … refresh

Note: You can only add X to your Favorites because you have reached the maximum allowance for friends(300).

i love you all… but for sure… there are some i love less :))) so…


5 răspunsuri to “*Friends* … refresh”

  1. Cranky Old Goat Says:

    well, i know your sweetie is more dearly loved and valuable to you than me, a hell of alot better looking to, but it is kinda neat checking out yer blog and upgrading my ability to understand the romance languages. Post a comment once in awhile on my page, so i will remember yer mug LOL

  2. hahaha i will cut some of the friends i really don’t do anything… chat… or else… so stay chill your are a favorite 😛

  3. A Yahoo! user Says:

    I have a 52oz coffee mug, do I get to stay?


  4. i really have no clue what are you talking about… but fore sure it enought if there is no other reason 😀

  5. A Yahoo! user Says:


    Thanks Darius ) LOL

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