Fracked up…

me or my univers… is really fracked up…

apropo de porumbei…

zilele astea… treceam pe bucurestilor sa ma intalnesc cu oportunitatea… sa zicem… incercam sa intru intr-un magazin in care dupa programul oficial trebuia sa fie deja deschis de 1 ora…

pe drum… o *sales consultant* a unui magazin alimentar… elibera din mreje pescaresti un porumbel…

me or my univers… is really fracked up…



7 răspunsuri to “Fracked up…”

  1. A Yahoo! user Says:

    Is this a song you wrote?

    LMAO! (j/k, lol 🙂

  2. A Yahoo! user Says:


    I’m still cracking up over this…

    „me or my univers… is really fracked up…”

    It’s really good, I like it actually! LOL A very cool quote or lyric especially!

    Well I hope everything gets better for you… I was at your Flickr album, I was hoping things were getting better for you, but I will pray 🙂

  3. A Yahoo! user Says:

    hai ma!!

  4. KIM: in a film where all the *actors* have lost their system sensibility, you have to write yourself the true path, receiving the appreciation of the *spectators* but having a lonely and independent performance…

  5. A Yahoo! user Says:

    Awwww… 😦 You surely sound so down in the dumps 😦 Gosh, why in the world doesn’t she take you back… I’d say she’s acting as though she is the one without sensibility… (and I say that kindly and with respect of course, not as an insult at all, because I like her, she looks like a good person)

  6. ohhh KIM your wrong again… it’s not about her…. offcourse with her i don’t feel and care about the world that much anymore… and is not about taking me back… is just at least 170km always between us because of the professional life…

  7. A Yahoo! user Says:

    Frack this!
    Use the right word for it.
    Stop using BSG. 😉

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