Damages after the Lighting Strike

Dear friends,

i have the most unlucky situation… 😦 last saturday a lighting strike hit the block where i was living… living me without my personal laptop… that not only i lost the Mainboard and possible also the CPU… but most important… all the data i had there… the projects i was working on… the pictures… everything :(((

as many heard already the story… i hope to don’t repeat myself again… this is not a joke… i am very down 😦



2 răspunsuri to “Damages after the Lighting Strike”

  1. A Yahoo! user Says:

    I’m so sorry Darius, that would have me down too. OMG, you must have been angry, I know I would have been.

    I’m sorry my friend, it is indeed a terrible thing. I hope you can start again with a renewed energy.

  2. Darius II Says:

    yes… and I hope for a fast turn of events… or i’m going from crazy to mad…

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