stop thinking.. LISTEN…

i had the feeling to stop everything, pause more or less… and tell you this: „Things are changing… from this morning…”

am avut luceafarul unei treziri… semne in semne… planuri in planuri… lucruri ce vor incepe de azi…



2 răspunsuri to “stop thinking.. LISTEN…”

  1. Well… We all feel like that once in a while! And a pause, a break, sometimes is the most important thing before you take a great leap. Anyway, it is nice to stop from time to time! Take a big breath! Dive in cool waters! And then you will feel better to get back to it all – if you ha<ve to!

  2. A Yahoo! user Says:

    It sounds like a good thing? Like you are considering making changes in your life for the better so you can share it?

    That’s my guess, I’m happy to see you stop and consider, ‘think’ for a while… that’s a fantastic attitude to have.

    I wish you well my friend, much happiness…

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