Engineering Jobs in Romania

Lead I&C – Romania and Overseas

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Posted by: RCS Corporation on November 02, 2006 at 10:08:12. Click here to reply to this post via Email.

Immediate need for a Lead I&C Engineer for assignments in Romania and other Overseas locations. Candidates must have a degree and a PE license. Direct hire position.


minimum BSChe, BSEE, or BSME

PE by examination, with both FE and PE exams.

Willingness to accept an overseas assignment in Europe or the Middle East

Experience in the following:

Specify instrumentation using Instrument Datasheets

Maintain Instrument List and I/O List

create ISA/SAMA Logic and Sequential Interlocking Drawings

Write Logic Specification documents

Review & Check P&IDs

Assist Designers in Locating Instruments and Creating Instrument Installation Drawings

Size and select Control Valves and Relief Valves

Experience in Supervising work of other Engineers and Designers

Prepare Proposals

Provide Project Execution Planning information to project and I&C discipline management

Provide I&C scheduling, planning, and work status information to the project controls organization

Provide I&C staffing planning for to the manager of the I&C discipline

Supervision and Direction of I&C project team.

Email resumes to: Qualified candidates will be contacted. EOE.


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