Revolutie in 2007? de ce? cu cine? – Un subiect care de abia acum incepe

Revolutie… SRI… blabla-uri… kestii de genu asta au auzit urechile mele si inima mea sa umplut de un aer fierbinte si greu…

cine poate sa dea mai multe detalii… in prv sau public este invitat…




7 răspunsuri to “Revolutie in 2007? de ce? cu cine? – Un subiect care de abia acum incepe”

  1. ce simti?!?…

  2. in primul rand, care e sursa zvonurilor?

  3. Salut, prietene! Could you please translate it? I think I could undertstand it and I would very much like to comment… After all, it is a very short post and I would just like to se sure I got your questions right.

  4. For Sand:
    He’s asking if there will be a revolution in Romania in 2007…
    Why? You know something ?….

  5. Well! We all hope – I guess – it will be just the start of a very slow and pacific revolution. A revolution which you will not notice very quiclky, at leat not in your current daily life! We will all be a part in that „revolution”. And when I say „we”, I mean all european citizens, since I have always believed that Europe will be „An Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals, or it will not be at all!” What do you want? I tend to think of these matters like a poet, or an idealist would. But changes there will be! This is not Paradise but believe me: when you look back (I hope not „in anger”) in thirty years, you you realize much has changed. Sometimes for the better, some other times no so much for the better! But is life not just like that? It is not about change? In the end, I just hope our children will have a better place to live in, even if it is only this place they will, very likely, call „United Europe” and not just „European Union”. Anyway, in anticipation of the 1st of January 2007, I want to be the first to say „Be very welcome, Romania!” Together, we can do it!

  6. * at least not in your current…
    ** you will realize
    *** Is it not about change?

    „Look Back in Anger” is, of course, that very „dark” play, by John Osborne.

  7. Multumesc, „~M~”!

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