I am who I am… that someone who must be…

6 răspunsuri sa “I am who I am… that someone who must be…”

  1. A Yahoo! user Says:

    Your hair is missing! LOL! =P

  2. Quite the proper „executive” look! 🙂 I am sure it was Ioana who did that tie knot, was she not!!?? lolololol

  3. Nooo… it wasn’t me who did that tie knot! 😛

  4. Little Shelah Says:


  5. Cranky Old Goat Says:

    Darius the CEO?
    Thought I would be off work for a couple weeks of vacation, but back to it 30-May-06. So much for leisure this year. Hope things are going well.

  6. Darius II Says:

    long way to go for the CEO, just the Head of IT Department.
    All the best 2u2 Cranky

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