Pictures from Cluj…

azi orele 9AM 11AM… dar mi s-au terminat accumulatorii… – folder 2006-03-14 Cluj session (1) and (2)



2 răspunsuri to “Pictures from Cluj…”

  1. I don’t know if I am „in the right place” to right this! 😦 But I saw the pics of Cluj houses and there are absolutely wonderful bulidngs there – pity I cannot underline „wonderful” here. I particularly liked the yellow façaded one! I hope I can see those „alive” some day! I and DO hope they preserve them because there is a great deal of Architecture History in them. Hence, they are History documents themselves! Finnaly, I know that when Romania joins E.U., there will be tremendous real estate speculation! But I DO also hope Romanian authorities will make everything in their power to preserve these architectonic jewels.

  2. *SORRY: I meant „write this”!

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