This is not a joke… if you can pray then you must pray… because tomorow i will have a most hated examn ever, i almost cannot study of the evil thougts i have in front of the teacher and this course…

I need to focus, i need to pass this examn, i need God at my side… so if you are religious or not, please think 2 seconds and send a good thought to God… because i will need it…

God bless all of us…


5 răspunsuri to “TOMOROW 20.FEB.06 BLACKDAY”

  1. A Yahoo! user Says:

    You will be in my prayers today Darius! You will pass this exam, God will be at your side.

  2. A Yahoo! user Says:


    Good luck!!

  3. A Yahoo! user Says:

    Darius! I will definetly pray for you. But from reading your blogs you seem like a deep thinker! and smart to boot. so i don’t think you will ahve any problems passing your exam! So good luck the lord be with you and listen to some mozart before your exam !

  4. A Yahoo! user Says:

    My thoughts are with you… go get em, soldier!

    Good luck!

  5. A Yahoo! user Says:

    Good luck Darius. You’ll do fine.

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