Translation: Soul… Eternal?

I received the question from a dear teacher I.C…. but it might said an afirmation or also she might was retorical…

Soul… Eternal?

My answer, fixing or not the afirmation can hide thru the following story i’ve puzzle it some time ago linked to a question(s):

If God is so strong/powerful and doesn’t like the evil/bad why don’t He get away from it forever, like destroy it/kill it or smtng, why does He tie it in the chains and stories like that? Or if the purpose of evil si to get the good destroy or viceversa?

In the main i was reffering to the forever kneeling of evil, but as a „death”.

The origin or better say the nature of evil is from heaven, angelic… entities who doesn’t know what begining, life or death is… they are products… created… to a nature similar with God, or maybe just an expresion of His light. Like that the dark angel cannot know death maybe from extra reasons:

1) the balance, the equilibrium between good and evil must exist to identify the difference from each other

2) an angel does not die or go thru death… in fact death is known only by humans, like a end of life on earth, a body life… deah in fact not being more then a function of a single angel(who is in God service, not the bad angel, or other evil stuff – in fact many religions think as it like an god or angel od death, Islamics and Muslims call him Azrael and his function is to write/erase names from the Book of Life, Christians have different names or tend to say that the function was change from angels like: Michael, Gabriel, Sammael, Sariel – who are archangels).. And then how can someone know death if was never written in the Book of Life but exists/lives without it. In fact… it is created. And between al hard processes, or impossible, inexistent is „not-creation” or „un-creation”. (also another question rise up… isn’t not that the evil angel is under God’s service and plan?)

Like that we have souls from the same origin/nature with God and Heavens substance, it will exist independent of our choices or marks we make over it, forever, eternal… as uncreation is proved as inexistent in defition of the eternal domain… even… is hard to imagine for a human what does it mean to be created and still not under His Love and Light.


i suggest some interesting photos…


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