Translation post: Informatic Analogy: Soul and &MEM

Informatic Analogy: Soul and &MEM –  Analogie Informatica: Suflet aka &MEM 

What is soul? (informatic analogy)

I was talking last summer with the brother of my brother in law and trying to make an analogy in the story of the soul, memory, thoughts… i’ve falled into the way of informatics… probably from to much stress in favor of the last summer exmanination period.

Probably that me Sales skills drived me to a analogy in the domain, captured sometimes by missunderstandings in the It field to write bigger misteries in the Biological field. So there since all i call IT can be Biological (or even Spiritual as i will touch the subject today) same goes viceversa.


CPU – brain / Memory – it’s clear / Divers – brain information which controls the body hardwares like hands or other functions / etc. If there are other translation you will like to know to let non-IT handle and IT concept or situations/events just ask :))

I don’t recall what was the subject… we were talking about Universal Conscience or reincarnation, some stupid crap of this type anyway :)) the biological and spiritual link was more interesting then the subject…


What is the Soul? – Ce este Sufletul?

If the soul sould represent most our persons, then it cannot be other then a package or informations cumulated time of whole life. Right you may say… but this can be a attribute of a memory. So soul can be a type of memory – but is this memory the same with our brain memory? or conscience? or similar structures?

The soul is not like the human memory – the *problem* in human memory is that we forget, an impossible attribute of a soul, because it will sound strange to go in heaven only with the things you remeber :)) specialy when you get old :)) Maybe the human memory is similar with the volatile memory, which when we end our processes it will reset herself. Another problem will be that the human memory keeps hardly the details of past thoughts, that are important for Heaven.

Soul is not a fixed memory – The attribute of this kinda analogy could arrive from the lifetime of the information, i don’t contest the Heaven’s Power to put this kinda of memory inside every person, but something makes me feel that this kinda of heavenly „present” to be ours might or sould be material, same as or brain keeps strangely the information, so our sould could be someting real/material similar but more complex. Often we speack about the ownership of the soul and the mobility, his location, and link to God, what is not an attribute of a fixed memory. Maybe the attribute of something else…

Soul is a pointer to a heaven memory – Doesn’t this sound nice? Everyone is registered in Heaven. Every though, every anything. Having the capacity to point at one moment in the Light or away from it… so then when your body is gone, does your variable vanish… ?

Soul is a pointer to a shared heaven memory – This sounds better, because the soul was never ours or owned, was just a gift from Heaven, and in the moment we will not „write” anymore, someone will know to tell your name if He will found you in His Shining structure of data



3 răspunsuri to “Translation post: Informatic Analogy: Soul and &MEM”

  1. A Yahoo! user Says:

    You are wrong about the definition of the Soul. because the soul is your own Identity, the part of God inside of You, the direct link to God. Our brain we have inside the skull is just the memory for one life, the central control unit for all electronic impulses. But we have another brain inside of us. the eternal Brain, it is not part of the brain in our head.The eternal brain who is memorizing everything since you were born the early first time, thousands of lives ago, till your personal end of your journey. This eternal brain has it’s place about four centimeters above your belly-button and is called Solarplexus. there is also the place of our soul. the proof; when old people are loosing their memory called Altzheimer, they are just loosing the memory of the actual life, but not the memory of all past incarnations. In the future the scientists would learn to make a link between our eternal meory and the Brain and to be able to heal Altzheimer.

  2. please check in your dictionary the definition of analogy
    thi is my informatic analogy of soul… not a definition…

  3. but anyway interesting conception… i will pay atention and search for more details.

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