Translation post: Primordial Incest and the Incest from our days…

Primordial Incest and the Incest from our days… Incestul Primordial si Incestul de Azi

Primordial incest was made with a sense/purpose of human evolution/spreading/population over the Earth.. after that the subject was present under the purpose of encourage family relations or close blood relations to create a border between the nation of God and the rest of humans… but this blood and culture protection was made or let’s say survied at most till David the King.

Our definition for incest today is a sexual relation (that is prohibited by law and moral law) between parents and children and/or between brothers and sisters.

Anyway you could take this stories or not, the problem si that time of Adam and Eva the genetic structure of the humans hide something that God doesn’t wanted to share with others human nations, in fact all He want was to creat an exact genetic line in which to keep something, a gene or a couple of them were surely the special reason… same as the relation between John the baptizer and Jesus and their age difference was nor random… so this gene, or couple of genes, until they remain dominant, or needed to remain dominant in the genetic construction, it were allowed this type of strange close relations…(maybe… the genes were hiding the definitons of lider(king), priest, prophet… in one being..)

Anyway back to the primordial incest was and last only of biological, genetic necessity as a view of the whole idea concept. But what we have today is nothing more then linked to ill sexual desires, about brakeing rules, and the danger and sin that for some lost minds gives strange pleasure, and as the result of biological contact and conceiving it’s the same „mistake” that can only server as example of not right thing in face of God.



2 răspunsuri to “Translation post: Primordial Incest and the Incest from our days…”

  1. A Yahoo! user Says:

    So that’s why I’m a bad teenager! I never knew that before! 🙂

  2. whoow… what do you want to say with that? :)))

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