Translation of some posts from December-05

GOD… Father, Son and Holy Ghost    – Dumnezeu… Tatal, Fiul si Duhul Sfant [19 Dec 05]

All religions had heresys about the spliting or not of Saint Trinity. Anyway my opinion even i don’t believe that will be easy accepted or spreaded, but i belive that:

Father, Son and Ghost are one GOD.

As there is no word without a wordteller or without a wordemeaning. Like that there is no Son without a Father and without the Ghost.

more in details: There is no Word without Creator and without a Meaning/Fate/Power. Like that i see the Father Creator, his Son the Word and the Power of the Ghost.

Question vs. Answer / Light vs. Dark -Intrebare vs Raspuns / Lumina vs Intuneric [25/Dec/05]

Probably that the winter holydays, to not be exclusive linking to Christmas or celebrating Jesus the Baby Probabil, have loaded so much tiredness that mind can easy play free games between questions and answers.

The inovation that the dark side of this world loads every day against the Light make us think, rhetorical, about appreciation of difference of power betwen a question and a right answer.

Which is more powerfull, the complexity and inovation of a question? or the assurance and relcatlessness of a right answer?


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