TRANSLATION: After How much time does a baby has it’s own soul?

Translation of:

After Hoe much time does a baby has it’s own soul?

This days even it was not the case i question myself about when does the new baby gets his soul. 

It is told that between child and heaven it opens a river, a flow of information time of 6 months – when the by grows in the body of his mom, and after/time of another 6-7 years a similar flux of information is between his mom and the child. It’s easy to adopt such a story, to belive that soul grow time of the body evolution of a baby, and the birth to represent in fact the end of the transfer process of the soul; in time of the next 7 years, to be a similar transfer of information, but which is not out subject today(..). Possible that there is a small amount of true in this story but is not enought for me.

Then I thought about a link, between the origin of the word soul that could make stronger the top-story  and who send us thru a powerfull resonance that made me shout „The soul get’s into the baby thru it’s 1st breath of air” and also very convinced…

Other answers type of a) a week before b) time of conceiving c) that is about the being aware of d) in father seeds e)mother eggs f) 40 days after the conceiving carried/brought by an angel g) is present after conceiving but it is living after the birth

– with or without Biblic or other religion links does not make you so curious even f) g) could sound more then interesting…

a) A week before birth: – i think that this could be the wrongest answer, that will be strange far from birth or conceiving… even a week has 7 days… and 7 is mystic… still i cannot think that God will leave this kinda of stuff on the last 100 yards

b) time of conceiving – weird… too many babies time of pregnancy not reach the embryonal form and/or finalization to fetus… that will sound as a very spendy heaven investition…

c) the being aware of… hmmm… that sound interestinf… but so like my story in the top… what happends if the individ will not be aware of his soul a lifetime?…

d) and e) are linked to some Bilbic lines where is related the God’s Power to predict and know you even before conceiving… in Bible is often written this even by the specification of the future name of the baby / the baby name before birth… But what does have Destiny, The Path with the Soul?… in my opinion in this subject… too few to talk about…

f) 40 days… ohh yes… i like how it does sound… 40 days are the exact time of a saint travel… or the saint duration of a time… that will make me belive more that after 40 days something inside the mom, the evolution of the baby body could have the/that „something” done to keep that soul of a new baby… 40 days… 40 years… or group of 40… yes… this could sound very acceptable… and i am more tempted to belive this with/around the 1st breath of air….

g) will be more like an extra info…

And still the question remains when?

God does know you from the seeds of your owns parents, and calles you to be from all the possible combinations, and you are conceived and something happends, something?!?!… something that hides an answer to another question… where is the palce where soul lives in the body(?) if does it live in a specific body part/area?.. maybe that area mut be done to keep the soul, and the time that baby defines that area might be 40 days… that after… suddenly or until you born the soul can appear… or the information could flow on that meaning, which will end time of the birth process (is hard even for me to accept that will happend before a week but who knows?).. and time you have the 1st breath to wake the soul… to make it living… same as God made living Adam… (then we accept that the moves inside the mom body are just made in a sleep more even for the soul, mind everything… more like a test of body functions)… after the birth time of 6-7 year or in a range of 13,4246575342465753424657534246575 -16,2438356164383561643835616438356 ani… the being aware of the soul and posesion more like a responsability and not as owner…

If somebody does know the answer of this question… could happy try to answer or question more about it…

P.S: the numbers between 13-16 are not random, are just some personal calculus… so don’t question wheren from :)))

P.P.S: does a true answer to this question give a solution to misscarriage of the baby if is done in a certain amount of time? moment?




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