Protest against american military court decision

Teo Peter was, and is, and will be part of our pride in this world. Christopher Van Goethem is not a killer, but he have to pay for what he done. The law is for everybody. The accident was in Romania and not in SUA, so he must respect our laws. Every people envolved into an accident in SUA is judged in accordance with american law. This is a wake up signal for romanian people and not for americans. They believe this world is done by them. We have a question : „How to respect them if they don’t respect us?” Send this message to everybody in your messenger list, and maybe it will get around the world.

Our slogan: „Nobody fuck romanians”



Un răspuns to “Protest against american military court decision”

  1. A Yahoo! user Says:

    welcome to my world. America is becoming the most hated place becuase of the hubris of our „leader”. Makes me feel like we are going backwards instead of forward!

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