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My GrandParents House

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been around 1h also to my grandparents who live 24km around my home city… so o shot some and uploaded on flickr and yahoo…

but my favorite was with the frozen fountain…



home for 2 days…

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„Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit…”
„There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain…”


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i’ve finished up all big exams… but i’m still working on 34h left project… called MUBLE and i will talk about it later 😛

i’m gonna get free in 3 days :)))

Culmea accidentului! :)))) Where RED for some is always GREEN

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Maşina circulaţiei, luată-n piept de un ARO

Ieri dimineaţă, la ora 10.10, în intersecţia de la “Poşta Veche” a avut loc o coliziune între o maşină a Biroului Siguranţa Circulaţiei în Mediul Urban şi un autoturism de teren ARO 244. Maşina Poliţiei Rutiere, un Volkswagen Vento cu numărul BN-01-BPR, plecase, având sistemele de semnalizare-avertizare luminoasă şi sonoră în funcţiune, în urmărirea a doi şoferi care au forţat lumina roşie a semaforului electric dispus în intersecţia Bulevardului Republicii cu strada Gării. La ajungerea în intersecţia străzilor Gării, Şincai, Odobescu şi Independenţei, maşina rutieriştilor a fost lovită în plin de autoturismul de teren ARO 244 cu numărul BN-93-AND, care intrase în intersecţie pe lumina verde a semaforului dinspre strada Gh. Şincai, dar care nu a reuşit să evite coliziunea – după cum s-a văzut ulterior şi din cauza unor defecţiuni la sistemul de frânare. Din fericire, coliziunea s-a soldat doar cu pagube materiale, nefiind nici o victimă, cei doi agenţi de circulaţie şi ocupanţii ARO-ului alegându-se doar cu spaima. În cauză se continuă cercetările. [from]



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and 1*22FEB06 + 1*23FEB06 +1*24FEB06 + 1*25FEB06 -> the end of this 1st semester examination period (and during this period till 26*FEB06 i have also to finish up a project)… i just wait to take some free time…

this is a very nice link:

YES YES YES :)))))

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God was with me today…

so where you my friends… and i thank you for that…

God bless you all…


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This is not a joke… if you can pray then you must pray… because tomorow i will have a most hated examn ever, i almost cannot study of the evil thougts i have in front of the teacher and this course…

I need to focus, i need to pass this examn, i need God at my side… so if you are religious or not, please think 2 seconds and send a good thought to God… because i will need it…

God bless all of us…

Translation post: Informatic Analogy: Soul and &MEM

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Informatic Analogy: Soul and &MEM –  Analogie Informatica: Suflet aka &MEM 

What is soul? (informatic analogy)

I was talking last summer with the brother of my brother in law and trying to make an analogy in the story of the soul, memory, thoughts… i’ve falled into the way of informatics… probably from to much stress in favor of the last summer exmanination period.

Probably that me Sales skills drived me to a analogy in the domain, captured sometimes by missunderstandings in the It field to write bigger misteries in the Biological field. So there since all i call IT can be Biological (or even Spiritual as i will touch the subject today) same goes viceversa.


CPU – brain / Memory – it’s clear / Divers – brain information which controls the body hardwares like hands or other functions / etc. If there are other translation you will like to know to let non-IT handle and IT concept or situations/events just ask :))

I don’t recall what was the subject… we were talking about Universal Conscience or reincarnation, some stupid crap of this type anyway :)) the biological and spiritual link was more interesting then the subject…


What is the Soul? – Ce este Sufletul?

If the soul sould represent most our persons, then it cannot be other then a package or informations cumulated time of whole life. Right you may say… but this can be a attribute of a memory. So soul can be a type of memory – but is this memory the same with our brain memory? or conscience? or similar structures?

The soul is not like the human memory – the *problem* in human memory is that we forget, an impossible attribute of a soul, because it will sound strange to go in heaven only with the things you remeber :)) specialy when you get old :)) Maybe the human memory is similar with the volatile memory, which when we end our processes it will reset herself. Another problem will be that the human memory keeps hardly the details of past thoughts, that are important for Heaven.

Soul is not a fixed memory – The attribute of this kinda analogy could arrive from the lifetime of the information, i don’t contest the Heaven’s Power to put this kinda of memory inside every person, but something makes me feel that this kinda of heavenly „present” to be ours might or sould be material, same as or brain keeps strangely the information, so our sould could be someting real/material similar but more complex. Often we speack about the ownership of the soul and the mobility, his location, and link to God, what is not an attribute of a fixed memory. Maybe the attribute of something else…

Soul is a pointer to a heaven memory – Doesn’t this sound nice? Everyone is registered in Heaven. Every though, every anything. Having the capacity to point at one moment in the Light or away from it… so then when your body is gone, does your variable vanish… ?

Soul is a pointer to a shared heaven memory – This sounds better, because the soul was never ours or owned, was just a gift from Heaven, and in the moment we will not „write” anymore, someone will know to tell your name if He will found you in His Shining structure of data


Translation: Soul… Eternal?

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I received the question from a dear teacher I.C…. but it might said an afirmation or also she might was retorical…

Soul… Eternal?

My answer, fixing or not the afirmation can hide thru the following story i’ve puzzle it some time ago linked to a question(s):

If God is so strong/powerful and doesn’t like the evil/bad why don’t He get away from it forever, like destroy it/kill it or smtng, why does He tie it in the chains and stories like that? Or if the purpose of evil si to get the good destroy or viceversa?

In the main i was reffering to the forever kneeling of evil, but as a „death”.

The origin or better say the nature of evil is from heaven, angelic… entities who doesn’t know what begining, life or death is… they are products… created… to a nature similar with God, or maybe just an expresion of His light. Like that the dark angel cannot know death maybe from extra reasons:

1) the balance, the equilibrium between good and evil must exist to identify the difference from each other

2) an angel does not die or go thru death… in fact death is known only by humans, like a end of life on earth, a body life… deah in fact not being more then a function of a single angel(who is in God service, not the bad angel, or other evil stuff – in fact many religions think as it like an god or angel od death, Islamics and Muslims call him Azrael and his function is to write/erase names from the Book of Life, Christians have different names or tend to say that the function was change from angels like: Michael, Gabriel, Sammael, Sariel – who are archangels).. And then how can someone know death if was never written in the Book of Life but exists/lives without it. In fact… it is created. And between al hard processes, or impossible, inexistent is „not-creation” or „un-creation”. (also another question rise up… isn’t not that the evil angel is under God’s service and plan?)

Like that we have souls from the same origin/nature with God and Heavens substance, it will exist independent of our choices or marks we make over it, forever, eternal… as uncreation is proved as inexistent in defition of the eternal domain… even… is hard to imagine for a human what does it mean to be created and still not under His Love and Light.


i suggest some interesting photos…

Translation post: Kids educate their Parents

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Possible that nobody will search to contradic this afirmation, contrary it will accept it and admit it as true. But it can also guess wrong that this is a theme just of our days.

I cannot talk about education in the right way and sense without the word child, respectively the 1st impact over the start of education was the informational need of a child, or better say the comunication in a way of necesity or more love maybe.

Education is not a love form, but for sure Love is a form of education.

And then The parent as an love expression started to comunicate with the child even when the baby was unable to speack to really understand. So there who started the Education? the Parent or the Child? The child was in need of education and he indirectly ask for it, start it… the parent just understood that the comunication can contain even practical values. In fact is enought the 1st thought of a child that the whole education process to start. Deeper we can say that even as unborn child, or time of the evolution in the mom’s body the child does auto/self-educate.

The child educate his Parent to be educated.

Maybe learn will be a more nice and corect term, but as we wish to abuse of the „education” we highlight the moment when the child reveals his incapacity to think or to survive with the problems of live at a very young age. In this way comunication is born from love and does get transformed into songs and tales on which he learn about love and the love of his parents and in the same time the worst thing ever gets knwown: Fear! – isn’t not the 1st thing that a child learn or parents educate and viceversa? Looking back to how does the child educate his parent with new responsabilities, cares, worries, and new attitude in front of the subject(s) of cumincation that will be present startinf now… on whole life time…

Child educate his Parent to be practical.

The short and *stupid* comunication, „that is dudu/bubu”, „that is good/bad” followed by the answer of the baby, educate the parent how to make himself understood, how to explain himself, to share time, speculate new educational attidude to implement or show even before the existence of the moment or thing.

Kids educate their parents to give themself as examples for the entire life (maybe this can be the secret of contant education receptibity made by kids to parents).

Kids educate their Parents with the Future, Parents educate their kids with the Past.

Until the age of being aware on themselfs, child learns thru examples/stories of experience, but they often ingore it by mark them as unuseful… or because of their non-matching 100% with the present or future events, because kids always view into future, living with other eyes the present… and until they will learn that the path to do less mistakes is to know better the past… they will have to be educated themself with another future.

This events are ingored day by day, and will never highlight a similar problem. But if we found more examples from the past that we could talk about we for sure think at Jesus the baby or donno Dalai Lama maybe in other parts.

What does happend today?… Parents accept day by day, more and more, under the curiosity to be educated by the child. The problem is excluted from the point/interes of evolution, but highlights imorality, i, lack of respect, indiscipline and other unpleasent reasons.The problem is hidding in back of the words „i’m a cool dad/mom” … „show me how to live”…

Kids admit… that they educate their parents… like  a glove around the hand, with the meaning that they can manipulate their parents… I don’t wana think where this will lead… With the more accessible, easy process of child educating his parents, thru a debute of let things go/give up all life… kids let their marks over the parents… and educate in them the new meanings of quilty, alcool, tabacco, drugs, and other criminal behaviours… and push their parents into the most unpleasent ways and events, to save their baby lst drop of wrong happines or freedom… where could this world go?… when we split so much from our past… and live the ilusion of the future… where else?… if not learning from mistakes we try to find some new others…

Kids educate their parents… and Parents are still not aware of why they cry so much when subject of the present generation comes…

too much freedom will create chaos… and chaos will born a new state of freedom…

where are the kids that will rule over the heavens and earth?

for sure too few from the today ones…