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jk: Romania Culta / Romanian Culture

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fast english version @ the end..

Niste reporteri de la TVR merg intr-un sat pentru a face un reportaj, cum isi petrece ziua baciu` Ion. Il roaga sa povesteasca ce face in cursul zilei.

– Da pai, dimineata ma scol, si trag un pahar de palinca…

– Stai, bacie Ion. Nu va fi bine sa afla toata tara ca deja la prima ora bei. Spune, ca citesti ziarul…

– Na, atunce… dimineata ma scol, citesc ziarul. Dupa aia dau la porc sa mince, dupa care mai citesc inca` un ziar. Pina la prinz lucrez in atelier, in care timp citesc vreo doi-trei carti. La masa mai citesc vreo doua reviste, iar seara adun iosagul de pe cimp, dupa care urmeaza presa de seara. Dupa cina ma duc la biblioteca satului cu prietenii, iar la 10 cind inchide biblioteca merem cu toata trupa la Costel, ca el are tipografie.

Some TVR (Romanian TV) reporters went to a village X to write an article about how does John chief shepherd spend a day. So they ask him to tell what does he during the day.

John: Well… what to say… i wake up in morning… and i drink some alchool…(in fact a local type of strong alchool called tzuica – stronger then votca)

Reporter: Hold on shepherd John, it will not be good to let all country known that you drink at 1st hour in the morning. Tell that you read the newspaper…

John: Well then… i wake up in  morning, i read the newspaper. After that i feed the pigs, read some news also. I work till lunch in a workshop time i will read 2-3 books. At lunch time i read some news-magazine.. and until night i collect the crop from the field, after that nighttime. After dinner i go to the village library with my friends and at 10pm when it closes we go all gang at Costel which he has a printing house.