Romanian vs. English(International) language in this blog.

Looks like the presence of this link as info to yahoo answers beta product had made some new friends, more or less readers of this blog in the future.  I will try to develop in paralel the same subject of my blog in romanian( and also in english( or some subjects will be posted just in english version.

Info: This is a place where i share thoughts, same as others do in their blog, with the big difference – the subject. I hardly ask questions without knowing the answer or have the a little idea or something about it, so there i found myself more an answering machine to the unspoken questions. I call this blog A4FNAQ. (Answers for not FAQ). So if there are questions and you are really interested in leeting me show you a way to, an answer or just a feeling.. this is the place were i can spend time for you.


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