Arhivă pentru septembrie, 2005

Entry for September 23, 2005

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Cnofrom uuni stduiu al ueni uinvresttiai elgenze, nu cntozeaa in ce odrnie se alfa lirteele itnr-un cuvant, signruul lcuru ipmotarnt e ca pirma si utlima lierta sa fie la lcuol lor. Rsetul potae fi o vrzaa colmpeta si tot o vei ptuea ctii fraa prboelme. Atsa e din cuzaa ca nu ciitm feicrae lteira, ci cvanutul ca un irtneg.” E umioitare cpatcitetea ceireiului uamn de a rentositcui detale.


Entry for September 22, 2005

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Fack cea mai buna Cafea, 3 in 1a…

Entry for September 12, 2005

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pfffffffffffff… this summer sesion sux big time…

when you talk to a teacher and says that labs are great… nice seminar work… and you give the paper examination and finish it one hour earlier because you know… and in the end you see that the results were 5/F line… that really SUKS…